Thursday, August 12, 2010

On line quiz disaster

Hi there again!!!

It has been a very busy few weeks for me. I have been on holiday briefly up to Taupo and Auckland, which was great and just what I needed. I have worked my two hospital shifts at the beginning of the week and have had to sort a bit of a mess out with my other job at Otago. And tried to fit in somewhere being a mum and a partner..

I am the course coordinator for a nutrition paper that had an online quiz as part of the assessment. It was a complete disaster....The students went into the quiz to then find that they could actually have multiple attempts to get the right answer. As I am very new to the quiz set up and moodle I had to lump this problem onto other colleagues. The quiz ended up being stopped and a resit date had to be established. However with the help of the IT dept. it ran smoothly the next time. I have learnt however now a lot more about loading questions onto moodle and how the adaption mode needs to on no to prevent this from happening again...Phew.

Therefore with dealing with all of this, my study got put a little bit on the back burner, but hopefully I'm back on track now. I have had so much fun (and spent so much time) playing on line. I have now subscribed and downloaded Skype (wasted half an hour taking and retaking photos of myself), created a twitter and myspace account and having been playing with google toolbars. All loads of fun. I need to remember that I should be applying this to online learning, but sometimes it just is so fun to muck about..(couldn't think of anyone to follow on twitter, so choose Pink as she had made a comment about NZ wine..) Contemplated following Justin Beiber before thankfully sanity caught up with me.

Although I haven't managed to get onto the elluminate meetings I have listened to the recorded posts and worked through the videos for the weeks activity. I feel like I now understand much more on what facilitating these meetings entails and the 7 skills for being an online facilitator. Initially when Sarah asked me to facilitate an online meeting I thought I needed to know all about the topic but now thankfully I see my goal is quite different. A facilitator is much more like a conductor, to ensure the outcome is achieved, to provide a safe environment, to summarise and problem solve a little What I found great in the elluminate session was when it all went wrong! When all of this scretchy noise occurred and then Sarah explaining what she did to correct it! That was great. I hope I could have the skills to know how to do this for my students in the future. I just need more experience. So I should really take up Sarah's offer to facilitate a meeting. Hopefully she will hold my hand.

I need to know more about elluminate though. How to upload photos and files quickly and easily,
how to set up multiple talkers, how to create and clear polls, how to record the session?

Anyway enough for now, must go and catch up with what Pink is tweeting about!


  1. I have to say that you made me laugh when I read this...Justin Beiber !!?? ...whatever next?!

    I am in the throes of organisng an Elluminate meeting with Wilie, so will be looking for a co-facilitator...this will probably be 4pm Thursday 2 Sept. Would you be free for that date/time. It would be an informal session ...either a discussion about learning that week or me talking about my experiences in Pakistan

  2. Jade
    are you on for this day and date?
    I have viewed the Nancy White Elluminate session and also the JoHarte's tips.
    I'm still very unsure how to become a staff member, but I guess we can go into the space and explore that.
    I have some visions of using expriences of Facebook as the focus for the time.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    My real e-mail is

  3. Hi Willie and Jade

    Because you 2 are members of OP, I have set you both up as Staff members in Elluminate. But you must log in as staff members using your OP log in. If you log in as guests, you will not have staff member priviledges

  4. Jade...found your blog. Welcome to blogging!

    If I ever find my old website database I will drag my stuff onto my new website location.

    On Twitter I got quite immersed in it and then found it could be an huge time waster/distraction, so I only dip into it every now and then. My midwifery account is which doesn't feed through to Facebook. My personal one does. I decided family and friends probably wouldn't be so interested in midwifery stuff =)